Local January 6, 2021 | 7:56 am

Personalities ask the President to preserve Dominican sovereignty

Santo Domingo.- More than 200 personalities of the country yesterday asked President Luis Abinader and the other members of the State branches to adopt urgent measures to defend, preserve and strengthen sovereignty, self-determination, territorial integrity and the Dominican identity.

Citizens signed a public document requesting that Abinader instruct the National Migration Council to annul the Contingency Plan to face massive flows of refugees, which was prepared by the National Institute of Migration in 2019, considering that it constitutes a “dangerous instrument unconstitutional, illegal and harmful to the interests of the nation.”

Haiti issues

The document says the decision would contribute to reinforcing the credibility of the promising strategic turn that has meant that both the president and the Minister of Foreign Affairs have been emphatic in declaring “that there is not and will not be able to exist” a Dominican solution to the problems of Haiti.

The petition is also addressed to the senators and deputies, magistrates of the Constitutional Court and ministers of State that make up the National Migration Council.

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