Local January 13, 2021 | 7:39 am

Dominican Republic’s Accounts Chamber faces embezzlement probe

Santo Domingo.- The Anticorruption Prosecutor (Pepca) on Tue. continued the interrogations of the members of the Accounts Chamber (CC), and the third time being Margarita Melenciano, who allegedly altered documents so that former Dominican Liberation Party (PLD) officials could embezzle govt. funds.

The investigation of the CC point to crimes such as conspiracy, falsification of documents, coalition of officials, complicity in fraud against the State and money laundering.

Melenciano, upon leaving the Attorney General’s Office, said I’s a secret investigation process and that for that reason should not speak. “They notify by phone when I must return. Are you (to the press) concerned? I am not … because I have acted according to the rules.”

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