Economy January 13, 2021 | 4:06 pm

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The Government will provide access to financing facilities to acquire homes in the “Happy Family” plan

The deputy minister of Investment Project, Camel Curi, announced this Wednesday when the national housing plan “Happy Family” was presented that citizens will have access to a house of RD 800 thousand pesos with an initial RD $ 20,000.

Curi indicated that the amounts of the houses range from 800 thousand pesos, for families with a consolidated income of 16 thousand pesos per month; 1.4 million pesos for families with an income of 26 thousand pesos; and homes with a value of up to 4.5 million for families with incomes of 90 thousand pesos, with financing from the private sector, a government bond, and cooperative associations.

“The houses of 800 thousand pesos could be acquired by a family with up to an initial RD $ 20,000, with the help of the bonds and paying the bank a monthly payment of RD $ 3,600,” he said.

The plan will cost about $ 200 million over the next four years.

The plan is aimed at families located in urban transformation projects, income-restricted, and displacement situations due to natural disasters.

He explained that families, such as disabilities, single mothers, battered women, and members of unions, will be included in social improvement programs in particular conditions.

He stressed that the State would be the great facilitator through bank accessibility and rate subsidies for up to seven years.

“Poor people with low incomes often pay much more in a barracks and thus will be able to have access to decent housing and all services,” he said.

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