Business & Pleasure January 20, 2021 | 4:20 pm

Banco BHD León announces it will be possible to withdraw remittances through its ATMs

BHD León is the only financial entity that offers this service in the country

Santo Domingo, DR

Banco BHD León announced that for the first time in the country, remittances can be withdrawn at its ATMs sent through the Ria Money Transfer and Flexienvíos remittance service platforms.

Through a press release, the entity highlighted that it is the only financial entity in the Dominican Republic that includes ATMs as a channel for receiving remittances in Dominican pesos.

“This new service is part of the digital transformation strategy that we are implementing through the development of new technologies that improve the experience of our customers and allow them to access our services 24 hours a day, every day of the year,” he explained Edigarbo García, Vice President of Payment Methods and Electronic Business at Banco BHD León.

People can withdraw their remittances by simply placing the sending code and their identity card at any of the ATMs of the BHD León ATM network located nationwide, the note states.

“With this channel we consolidate our responsibility with the well-being of our clients by offering alternatives that ensure the receipt of their remittances in a faster and safer way. Those who want this service and use other remittance sending platforms must request the opening of a savings account at any of our branches and instruct their relatives to deposit their remittances in said account. Once the funds are available, they can withdraw them at ATMs with their debit card, ”explained García.


In 2019, Banco BHD León announced the launch of Flexienvíos, the first digital platform for sending remittances from the United States to the Dominican Republic through a computer or mobile phone, whose funds are available in minutes.

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