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Government signs agreement to reduce the price of chicken

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Moca, Espaillat

President Luis Abinader signed an agreement with poultry producers on Monday that seeks to reduce the chicken price.

During the signing of a pact between public institutions and agricultural sectors, the president affirmed that with the agreement mentioned above, an ambitious food security plan is launched that guarantees food at affordable prices and within all country citizens’ reach.

“We commit to the producers that through direct commitments they will sell to the Government, through the INESPRE, four million pounds of chicken at 50 pesos per pound; for its part, INESPRE undertakes to sell a whole chicken at 125 pesos per unit through mobile warehouses, its premises, premises of the Ministry of Agriculture and the placement of refrigerated containers in strategic places,” expressed the president.

The agreement also involves chicken processing plants to supply the National Institute for Price Stabilization (Inespre) with refrigerated trucks to transport the meat to where it is needed to provide in all areas of the country.

“Talking with Minister Limber, all these logistics will be applied as of Wednesday so that that day it can already be bought in most of the country and gradually everything at the price we have arranged,” added Abinader.

Also, work will be done to establish a strategic reserve of two million pounds of chicken to guarantee supply and price stability through a pledge program whose costs will be financed by the Ministry of Agriculture, added the president.

Likewise, the pact includes that the Ministry of Agriculture and the Agricultural Bank work on expanding corn production to raise the national supply and save foreign exchange. Simultaneously, the producers agree to buy the grains with zero-rate financing from the bank mentioned above.

Luis Abinader also assured that this agreement is only the beginning of all that he will do with the national agricultural industry. They seek to guarantee low prices for the population through dialogue and agreements with producers.

Full speech by President Luis Abinader

“Friends and colleagues,

On occasion, they have heard me speak that this new government is taking care of the immediately urgent but it also does not neglect what is essential in the long term for a single minute.

For too long as a society, we have been aware of the country’s problems, we have analyzed them, and they have been put on the table on numerous occasions. But it has not been until now that we have begun to provide real solutions to these historical problems with the arrival of this new government. 

 And in this meeting and with this agreement, we materialize two essential things: one, we provide feasible solutions, and two, we do it hand in hand and dialogue with the sectors involved.

 Because friends, there is no long-term solution if it does not have the backing and support of all those involved. In the responsibility of this or any government to arbitrate the various interests presented in each sector.

The government must guarantee that food is affordable for the population, but this is not achieved with a decree but by interacting with producers to eliminate inefficiencies, conjunctural speculations in intermediation and promote productivity and competitiveness.

So, allow me at this point to thank all of you for your effort, generosity, and country vision.

The agreement that we signed today seals a pact that directly affects millions of Dominicans’ quality of life. It affects their safety, their future, and their well-being.

With this pact, we are launching an ambitious food safety plan that guarantees affordable chicken prices available to all citizens of our country.

And we do it by touching all possible axes to guarantee the success and long-term sustainability of this action.

We commit to the producers that they will sell to the government through direct commitments through INESPRE 4 million pounds of chicken at 50 pesos per pound.

For its part, INESPRE is committed to executing a whole chicken sales program at 125 pesos per unit through mobile warehouses, its premises, premises of the Ministry of Agriculture, and the placement of refrigerated containers in strategic places.

We also involve the chicken processing plants that undertake this broad agreement to facilitate and supply a fleet of refrigerated trucks to reach the places where INESPRE requires it so that there is supply in all the country’s provinces.

In addition to this, the government and producers will work to establish a strategic reserve of 2 million pounds of chicken to guarantee supply and price stability through a pledge program whose cost will be assumed by the Ministry of Agriculture.

And, finally, I want to point out as an essential part of this agreement that the Ministry of Agriculture and the Agricultural Bank will also deploy an intense plan that will allow, among other things, agreements with animal feed processing companies to execute a corn planting program and sorghum to expand the supply of domestically produced inputs, while saving foreign exchange.

And it should also be noted that the livestock producers undertake to buy the national production of these grains at a guaranteed price to be agreed between the parties and the Ministry of Agriculture to provide the services of preparation of land and high-quality seeds, as well as the necessary financing through Banco Agrícola.

As I have indicated at the beginning of my speech, the consensual agreement that we present to you today guarantees a complete plan of action in this vital sector. But this agreement is just the beginning of what we will do in all sectors of national agriculture: Guarantee affordable prices to the population by making agreements with national producers.

In each case, it will be well designed and studied so that the solution to these problems that we inherit is put to an end once and for all.

Food security is a fundamental element for the healthy development of a nation.

With its government at the helm, the Dominican Republic is aware that nothing will make sense in our government action if the most essential things are not covered. And the feeding of the Dominican people is in the first line of responsibilities of this government.

This is why this agreement is so important. Because it is urgent and because it is essential.

Congratulations. Thank you all very much, and God bless the Dominican people.”

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