Local January 30, 2021 | 3:48 pm

Army, CESFRONT, and the Directorate of Migration return more than 20 thousand illegal border breachers so far in January

Dajabón, RD

So far in January, the Army of the Dominican Republic, the Specialized Corps for Land Border Security (Cesfront), and the Directorate of Migration have returned at least 20,059 Haitians to their country. They were arrested in towns in the North Zone and the border of Dajabón.

The information was provided by the Army commander, Major General Julio Ernesto Florián Pérez, and the person in charge of Migration Affairs of the General Directorate of Migration, Leidy Díaz, after taking a tour of the border area in the company of other military commands and civil authorities. The head of the military and the immigration official arrived by surprise, amid reports of an increase in Haitian children and adolescents taking place along the Dajabón border, the majority arriving in Santiago.

“We have returned 20,0 59 undocumented, only in this northern part,” declared the military commander. He also reported that the military authorities, in coordination with Migration, have seized 69 two-tire motorcycles and 12 three-tire motorcycles, five cars, three trucks, two SUVs, two minibusses, and a bus.

He also reported that they had arrested people who are involved in the trafficking of undocumented persons. He called on the soldiers in the border area to be rigid with the transfer of undocumented non-citizens.

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