Local January 30, 2021 | 8:15 am

Temperatures dropped again in Valle Nuevo, Constanza

The cold was felt again in Valle Nuevo de Constanza.

Constanza, La Vega, DR

After several days registering temperatures of 3, 5, and 7 (37-44°F) degrees above zero at the Las Pirámides Visitor Center, Juan Bautista Pérez Rancier National Park (Valle Nuevo), yesterday morning the panorama changed, with declines in the weather to 1 degree below zero on the Celsius scale (30°F).

Images of the place show a whitish landscape, as frost formed covering the vegetation of the mountainous area, where one of the main ecological and scientific reserves of the country is located.

“Winter continues to show its white side in the mountains of the Valle National Park, when registering a temperature of -1° C in the thermometers early this Friday, in the thermometers of the Las Pirámides Visitor Center,” said the Park administrator, Julio Cesar de los Santos Bueno.

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