Local February 3, 2021 | 12:28 pm

Murder suspect linked to corrupt agency ‘cooperates’

A. Contreras

Santo Domingo.- The lawyers of former senior official Argenis Contreras on Wed. said their client is collaborating, through interrogations, with the authorities and that he had not come to the country before for fear of putting his life in danger.

Plutarco Jáquez and Ángel Polanco spoke at the Attorney General’s Office where they will continue to question the main suspect in the murder of Professor Yuniol Ramirez and linked to the corruption scandal in the Metropolitan Bus Services Office (Omsa).

“What we know is that he (Argenis) is here and came with the will to collaborate and to clarify this process. He had the right to use silence and he has not done so. He is declaring and giving the necessary information,” Jáquez said.

However, Contreras was arrested in the US during a routine Immigration raid, and escorted back to the country to face murder and other charges

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