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Going to the USA? Find out how entry works now

It is important that before traveling to a US state, you check what measures are applied with respect to Covid. ISTOCKterritory

Santo Domingo, DR

After 14 days of quarantine, Francis Javier returned to work yesterday after leaving the Dominican Republic for New York, where he resides. He arrived in the Big Apple on January 22 to avoid the measure that requires him to present a Covid-19 test with negative results, which came into effect on the 26th of last month. This did not free him from home confinement.

Something similar happened to Roque Leonel, an immigration expert who traveled to New Jersey to undergo medical check-ups. Although he was not asked for the physical test because he had already registered the result online, the doctor who was to consult him could not see him personally because the suggestion in that state was to last 14 days in quarantine. “I had to see him virtually because my stay was only from January 26 to 31, and I did not have the time to comply with that measure.”

However, others who have traveled to New York with a negative test result for Covid-19 have not had to keep it. Omar Benito is one of those favored. He traveled from the Dominican Republic to New York last Saturday, January 30. He presented his test with favorable results, and nothing more was asked of him. “I went home the same as always, and I try to use my mask, distancing and everything you have to do to take care of yourself,” says the Dominican resident in New York.

Despite all this, it must be remembered that by orders of the President of the United States, Joe Biden, everyone who enters this territory must present a negative coronavirus test and comply with quarantine upon arrival.

The measure is part of the government’s work plan to curb the pandemic in the country, where the virus has claimed the lives of more than 400,000 people.

In response, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends that travelers get tested three to five days after travel and stay home or complete a voluntary quarantine elsewhere for seven days after travel.

Even if their test result is negative, the suggestion is to stay in confinement. They always advise to follow recommendations and abide by state and local requirements related to travel.

Other testimonials

The same thing that happened to Francis happened to Carmen Ramirez. She arrived in New Jersey before January 26 and had to spend 14 days at home. Her brother traveled after this date and, when he presented the Covid free trial, he was only told to stay a few days at home voluntarily. He did so and has now returned to work.

From Miami

Andy Estevez traveled from Florida to New York, where he resides. He did it before January 26th. He had to fill out a form with his name, address, and telephone number… “Every day, they sent me a text message to see if I was at home. I lasted 14 days in quarantine, and after I complied, I went on with my normal life. I found out that now it’s less [sic] days, I think 10.”

Recommendations provided by Roque Leonel

1- Fill out the Dominican immigration form online.

2- If you have dual citizenship, travel with both passports (you will save half an hour in line).

3- Take the COVID PCR test 72 hours before the flight (not on the day of travel).

4- If you are going to NY, fill out the form online before traveling, and you will save an hour in line at JFK. Remember that you must quarantine, but if you take the PCR test three days after arriving in NY and it is negative, you will be exempted from quarantine.

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