Local February 11, 2021 | 10:01 am

A minister’s evolving fortune

Santo Domingo.- Former Finance Minister, Donald Guerrero, is among the officials of the Danilo Medina government who increased their wealth considerably during his years as public servant, which has prompted an investigation, in the fight to prosecute gov. corruption.

In 2016 when he became minister, Donald Guerrero declared before the Chamber of Accounts that the amount of part of his real estate and vehicles amounted to US$5.0 million, and that other assets were valued at RD$32.8 million

Upon leaving public administration in 2020, his assets listed in local currency were RD$38.2 million, for an increase of RD$5.5 million, compared to 2016. In addition, he declared a property for US$700,000. While the dollar capital invested by Guerrero increased by US$8.9 million in four years.

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