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This is how the vaccination groups against COVID-19 in the country will be divided

Health cabinet authorities. / List

Santo Domingo, DR

As soon as the first supplies arrive, the vaccination process of the Dominican population will be divided into three priority groups.

Each of these groups will be made up of various phases to reach a specific population segment.

In the first group to be vaccinated, there are four phases: IA, which consists of frontline health personnel from COVID center; Phase IB, the rest of health personnel; Phase IC, adults over 60 years of age with comorbidities, prioritizing those in nursing homes and ID, which will be adults over 60 years of age and the military population (Armed Forces) including frontline Army, Police, and Navy.

In the second group, Phase IIA consists of the population between 50 and 59 with comorbidities, and Phase IIB, the rest of the same age, but without complications.

The last group comprises Phase IIIA, which includes the population between 19-49 years of age with comorbidities, and Phase IIIB, which is the same age range, but without complications.

The information was provided by the Government of the Republic during a meeting this Saturday with media directors.

The country is expecting at least four types of vaccines: Pfizer (7.9 million), AstraZeneca (10 million), and the most recent ones are from the Chinese laboratory Sinovac BioTech (768 thousand) and the Indian Covishield, developed by AstraZeneca. The latter is the first one expected to arrive in the Dominican Republic in March.

Vaccination points

On the other hand, they informed that there would be two points where the vaccines will be administered: intramural and extramural.

The intramural ones consist of health establishments that offer specialized attention to patients in risk groups and older adults’ homes.

Extra murals are fixed vaccination posts located in strategic places in the various communities and mobile centers to reach communities with difficult access.

As specified by the authorities at the National Palace, 300 vaccination centers will be available, of which each center will have five groups of vaccinators.

Each vaccinator will vaccinate 40 people seven days a week, from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.

After a person is vaccinated, he/she will have to wait 30 minutes at the vaccination center for any reaction.

The Government informed that it has a list of people over 65 years old who are candidates to be vaccinated and emphasized that vaccination is voluntary.

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