Local March 7, 2021 | 9:00 am

Luis Abinader receives Haitian journalists at the Palace

Luis Abinader met this Saturday with a group of Haitian journalists while expressing his openness to maintain a channel of communication with the press of that country.

The exchange between the journalists and the Dominican president took place in a lunch framework. Foreign Minister Roberto Alvarez, the Dominican ambassador to Haiti, Faruk Miguel, and Jose Singer, special advisor to Abinader, were also present.

The Haitian journalists who participated in the meeting were Valerio Saidy Liquid, Garay Altidor, Ives Narie Chanel, Barbara St. Louis, Pierre Renel Rene, Guiometre Wedelin, and Macajoux Karl Krauss.



The following Dominican journalists participated: Fausto Rosario, who was in charge of coordinating the meeting; Mercedes Castillo, president of the Dominican College of Journalists; Gustavo Olivo, Ramón Colombo, Altagracia Salazar, Ana Mitila Lora, among others.

During the meeting with Haitian journalists, Abinader stressed his interest in good relations between the two countries.

Also in attendance was former Haitian diplomat Edwin Paraison.

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