Local March 16, 2021 | 7:34 am

China ships 1M vaccines to the Dominican Republic(correct)

Vaccines are en route

Santo Domingo.- China delivered Sun. in beijing the one million new doses of Sinovac vaccine with which the Dominican Government plans to start this week the second phase of its National Vaccination Plan against Covid.

The first shipment, which arrived in the country at the end of February, was of 768,000 doses (including 50,000 donated), which were added to the 90,000 (of the 110,000) AstraZeneca that had arrived weeks before from India.

So far, some 606,006 people have been inoculated. At first, the first-line health personnel of the Covid-19 were prioritized, later to adults over 70 years of age and shortly afterwards, basic level teachers were included.

Then, the vaccination of people aged 68 years began, thus broadening the basis of the process.

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