Local March 19, 2021 | 2:58 pm

237 bathing resorts to be closed to prevent spread of Covid-19 during Easter Week

As part of the measures to be developed during the Easter Week operation, the Civil Defense announced that 237 bathing resorts would be closed.

According to Brigadier General Rafael Antonio Carrasco Paulino, the closure of the resorts was recommended by the Disaster Prevention, Mitigation, and Response (PMR) Committees led by the governors and mayors at the provincial and municipal levels.

Carrasco Paulino calls on citizens who go to beaches and rivers to maintain prudence and follow the Health authorities’ protocols to prevent the spread of Covid-19.

“From now on, we formally start the preventive stage of our Operational Plan Easter Week 2021, with which we seek to provide timely care to people who will move inland and who will make use of the beaches and rivers enabled,” he explained.

During the operation, 10,518 volunteers and employees will participate, distributed in 431 posts on highways and 408 aid stations located on beaches and spas.

There will also be 14 posts for lost children; nine mobile rescue units equipped with vehicle extrication tools located at strategic points.

Also, there will be three pre-hospital care posts, 313 doctors, paramedics, and emergency medical technicians; 16 ambulances equipped with medicines; nine boats; 172 divers and lifeguards; and 12 supervising officers.

They add that the pre-hospital care posts will be located at kilometer 89 of the Duarte highway, near Plaza Jacaranda in Monseñor Nouel province; and the others on the Boca Chica beach (at pier No. 1 and in the vicinity of the Dominican Republic Navy, near the Hamaca Hotel).

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