Local March 21, 2021 | 10:05 am

Héctor Acosta on abortion: “To all the churches in the Dominican Republic, sorry”

Senator Héctor Acosta apologized to the churches to which he referred last Friday in his social networks and invited them to “concentrate on taking the word of God to the temples and stop encouraging violence.”

The congressman referred to the churches by showing his agreement with the decriminalization of abortion on three grounds in the Penal Code, as some coalitions have manifested in recent months, a position to which several Dominican churches are opposed.

“I want to address in a heartfelt way to all the churches of the Dominican Republic, evangelical, Catholic… and ask for their forgiveness, because it was not the right way to address them. It’s no secret that I have been very respectful of the institutions. On this occasion, the handling yesterday was not the most correct,” said the senator for Monseñor Nouel in a message through his Instagram account.

The video, which lasts just over four minutes, comes after several religious organizations were against the position of “El Torito,” who had written, in support of the decriminalization of abortion: “To the churches to concentrate on bringing the word of God to the temples, and not to encourage violence by calling for marches.”

For more than a week, several civil society organizations have been stationed in front of the National Palace to support the three grounds for abortion in the Penal Code.

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