Local March 22, 2021 | 3:33 pm

“In Los Padritos you can’t sleep and the police do nothing,” complain angry residents

Santo Domingo – The residents of Los Padritos continue to complain about the disorder they have to endure every weekend due to the parties that continue until the early morning hours.

They explain that they can’t sleep and that no one pays attention to them when they call the authorities.
“I could not sleep last night because of the loud music in the colmados. My apartment was vibrating because of how loud it was. That is disrespectful. In Los Padritos, you can’t sleep, and the police do nothing,” said a community member.

He said that it was still 3:00 am and even though he called the National Emergency and Security System 911, nobody gave him any support.
“After the music ends, they start talking and shouting drunken words and things. This is unbearable,” he added.
In the audiovisual, it can be seen how they left the place full of beer bottles and garbage.

“All those papers you see there is because of the drugs they sell, imagine that amount drinking and smoking, most of them are young people who do not even work.”

On this occasion, the party was held on Calle Dr. Defilló on the corner of Peatonal #6.
Residents ask the competent authorities to take charge of this situation, disturbing the tranquility of their homes every day.


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