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Dominican Republic registers reduction in active cases of Covid-19

This week the active cases of Covid have been reduced in the population. ARCHIVE

Public Health Authorities reiterate their call not to neglect preventive measures, especially during Easter.


Santo Domingo, DR

A reduction in the number of people who register in the system with active Covid-19 virus or with the capacity to infect others has been registered in the country this week, going from an average of 40,000 cases in the last weeks to just over 37,000 this week.

Yesterday the epidemiological report registered 37,638 active cases of the Covid-19 virus and the entry into the system of 364 new positive cases detected in a total of 5,821 processed laboratory samples. Meanwhile, the daily positivity rate was below 10%, settling at 9.69%, while that of the last four weeks was recorded at 10.67%.

The country reported three new deaths from Covid yesterday for a cumulative general total of 3,298 deaths.

The total registered with a positive diagnosis is 251,332 cases since the pandemic began; of these, the recovered amount to 210,396 and the discharged 1,043,243.

Yesterday the occupancy of beds for Covid-19 was 17%, with 443 patients admitted, those of the Intensive Care Units (ICU) 27% with 142 admissions, and the use of ventilators was 22% 88 patients connected to ventilators.

Processed samples

Epidemiological bulletin number 372 reports that the number of samples processed in the country since the pandemic began is 1,294,575, equivalent to 123,901 per million inhabitants. Mortality from the disease is set at 1.31 percent, while mortality per million people is 315.64.

Of the samples processed yesterday, there were 3,756 from the first time, while 2,065 were subsequent samples. Also, 5,392 were PCR and 429 Antigenic. In children under 20 years of age, the virus has been diagnosed in 27,117 and 357 pregnant women and 750 health workers.

Authorities ask not to neglect prevention.

Despite the reduction in the indicators, the Public Health authorities warn the population that it is necessary to maintain preventive measures, especially during the Easter holiday, to maintain control.



The Health authorities invited citizens to be vigilant to avoid an increase in coronavirus cases during Holy Week and remember that during those holidays, the vaccination process for administering the second dose of vaccine will continue against Covid.


While in Santiago and other provinces of Cibao, the vaccination process against Covid-19 continued to progress normally.

Second dose.

Since last Wednesday, the second dose has been applied to people over 70 who have already received the first dose of the vaccine.

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