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Restaurants and bars packed, while masks are set aside

Photo: José Alberto Maldonado.

After the opening, the economic dynamics and the return of the people to the social life of the capital is notorious

Santo Domingo, DR

More than a year after the country was under a state of emergency, little by little, the social life of Greater Santo Domingo was reinstated. The restaurants and bars of the central polygon were observed this weekend with groups of young people, families, and couples among their diners.

The occasion was motivated by a birthday, a simple family lunch, or a few drinks with friends to “throw off the blow”  and forget the confinement to which, for safety and prevention, citizens have been subjected in these months.

After reducing the curfew hours and the extension of free transit, the economic dynamics and the return of people to the usual encounters in food outlets in the main restaurant and bar areas of the Dominican capital are notorious.

The large presence of people in these food and beverage businesses, evidenced by the long waits in lines to enter the premises, brings hope to the return of normality. The opening has caused many to forget the measures at times.

However, between each bite and the confidence of socializing again with the other guests, the wearing of the mask is forgotten, especially when not eating and the place is indoor and not open-aired, sometimes even with the tables of the premises occupied at the set limit.

Although the infections have decreased in recent weeks and the national vaccination plan continues to be carried out, this does not mean a free way to drop the Covid-19 prevention measures.


Restaurants can stay open until 7:00 p.m. on weekends and until 9:00 p.m. on all other days until April 15.

Next weekend, due to Holy Week, the Good Friday curfew will have the same schedule as on weekends, including 3 hours of free transit after the curfew has started, at 7:00 a.m. the night.

During a tour carried out by journalists from Listín Diario on Saturday, large groups of young people, the large-scale lack of distancing, and the absence of masks were observed. Here are some of the images:

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