Local April 5, 2021 | 9:33 am

Couple’s murder prompts sweep of Dominican Police officers

Elisa Muñoz and her husband Joel who were killed by the police. (External source)

Santo Domingo.- Last night the Executive Branch placed 350 National Police commanding officers in forced retirement, at the request of the Superior Police Council, due to “age and seniority in service.”

The retreats include 62 colonels, the same number of lieutenant colonels, 51 with the rank of majors, 79 captains, 72 with the rank of first lieutenant and 18 second lieutenant.

The surprise announcement comes three days after the murder of  Joel Díaz and Elizabeth Muñoz- a recently-married couple of pastors at Villa Altagracia (central) -gunned down by police in a yet-to-be explained incident that rocked the country.

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