Local April 13, 2021 | 7:54 am

Dominican Republic’s Haiti warning falls on deaf ears

R. Alvarez.

Santo Domingo.- The Dominican government is left day by day without an appropriate interlocutor for the political government of the island, which depends on two states, two administrations and two nations with comparable populations, but with different cultures and socioeconomic indicators.

This fact, that of being faced with the prospect of an overflow of public order and governance in Haiti, is at the basis of an unusual statement from the Dominican government read by Foreign Minister Roberto Álvarez and posted since 2:30pm, April 7 on the website of the Foreign Ministry, under the title “Position of the Dominican Republic on the situation in Haiti.”

The reality is that it is about the position of the Dominican government, which advances its views on governance in Haiti like no other of the four administrations that since the end of the last century has led the liberal wing of Dominican politics, in power since 1996.

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