Local April 26, 2021 | 10:30 am

Presidency spokeswoman says women have a right to decide

Santo Domingo.- Presidency spokeswoman, Milagros Germán on Sun. said she favors a woman’s right to decide, without being penalized, to have an abortion when her life is in danger, when the fetus is unviable or if the pregnancy results from rape.

Germán, to defend her position, said there are two words that she privileges: “freedom and dignity” and for that reason supports the women who remain in the “green camp’,” so that their right to decide on their body.

“There are two words that I privilege in my heart and conscience: freedom and dignity. I support the green camp and I believe in the three causes because I value and defend the dignity of women and men, above all things. The dignity and the freedom to decide on her life,” she said.

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