Local April 27, 2021 | 7:57 am

Dominican Republic general ‘amassed’ US$150M

Santo Domingo.- Through the position of head of presidential security and using alleged tricks of administrative corruption, Major General Adán Cáceres amassed a fortune that, preliminarily, the AG estimated at more than US$150 million during the eight years of Danilo Medina’s term in office (2012-2020).

The ex-president’s bodyguard, allegedly formed a network to launder and defraud money from the treasury, a structure in which the preacher Rossy Guzmán, a person of extreme confidence of the general, became his right hand and main front man.

Investigated assets

Guzmán’s high volume of real estate led the Anticorruption Prosecutor (Pepca) to initiate an investigation in which it determined that, through the company Único Real State and Inversiones SRL, the preacher and her son (also detained) Tanner Antonio Flete Guzmán, tried to hide the money attributed to Cáceres, according to the AG.

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