Local April 28, 2021 | 10:52 am

Casa Brugal’s position on denatured alcoholic beverages

Santo Domingo.- Dominicans, Augusto Ramírez Bonó is speaking to you, I am the son of a village doctor and of a woman who, like most Dominican mothers, has always been the center of her family. I grew up in a home where people worked tirelessly for the well-being and happiness of the people around us.

Then I understood that this is how we Dominicans were in essence: hardworking, supportive, persistent, passionate, happy …

I studied in my country and, with Dominican teachers, I learned to value our history, our roots and, above all, the great responsibility it means to feel that I am from here, and that it is my duty to make the Dominican Republic of my children better than that of my parents.

That is why, like you, I am outraged by the price we have had to pay as a people for criminals.

Although those who adulterate alcoholic beverages affect us in different ways, the most serious thing is the great human tragedy that they have caused. It is difficult to assimilate that there are people capable of sacrificing lives to make money.

Those criminals are also trying to harm an emblematic industry that has produced a country brand for more than a hundred years, distributors and merchants that have served Dominicans reliably and honestly for decades. And even worse, putting the lives of consumers at risk, who have always been able to choose and safely enjoy the best of us.

That is why they deserve the repudiation of society and the full weight of the Law. Because they are not only adulterating alcoholic beverages; they are also trying to attack our dignity and our reputation as a country in front of the world.

We support the energetic and firm actions of the Dominican Government to eradicate once and for all the criminal manufacture and marketing of toxic and dangerous beverages that are causing so much pain to our families.

Today I am not only speaking to you as president of Casa Brugal, but also as a Dominican proud that our rums represent us throughout the world, are an essential part of our culture and make an important contribution to our social and economic life.

To protect our people, our values, our culture and our identity, we need all good Dominicans committed to their country …

In many things we could disagree, but we all agree that today more than ever the world must know that we are an honest, trustworthy and, above all, responsible people.

We are like that, because we are from here.

We are authentic and genuine. And that no one can adulterate!

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