Local April 29, 2021 | 11:18 am

Two-star general mum as the world around him crumbles

A. Caceres,, D. Medina

Santo Domingo.- Shielded by a tense silence and around him a spectacular tight security on the way to court for arraignment accused of corruption, Maj. Gen. Adán Cáceres yesterday exhibited his impassive skills while the media tried and failed to get a comment about his situation.

Former President Danilo Medina’s security chief, wearing a bulletproof vest and protective helmet, was taken down a narrow staircase that gives access to the first floor near the courtroom, always showing a detached appearance.

The general, who kept his gaze steady and ignored the sides, walked in the presence of dozens of journalists, photographers and television cameramen who had been waiting since early morning at all angles of the Ciudad Nueva Courthouse.

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