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Five beautiful beaches in the Dominican Republic that you must visit

This country has many characteristics to love, and although it stands out for its people, it is also known for its spectacular beaches.


Traveling through the most beautiful destinations in the Dominican Republic is a dream come true. The half-island has an impressive natural wealth that makes this land a magical place where you can disconnect from the tumult of the big cities and connect with nature. Is it a coincidence that many international films mention the DR as a destination for rest and vacation? No, it is not.

The Dominican Republic truly has it all. This country has characteristics that make more than one fall in love. Although it stands out for its people, its athletes, its products, its projects, it also stands out for its natural resources and, above all, for its spectacular beaches with warm, crystal-clear waters that can be enjoyed all year round thanks to our climate.

Even though we are in a reactivation process due to the COVID-19 pandemic that started at the end of 2019, currently it is not unreasonable to visit these destinations as mind-blowing as the DR beaches, because as filmmaker Steven Spielberg says, “you dream to live” and after the crisis, we all need dreams and plans. That’s why adventurer Carlos Torres (@carlostorresrd ) proposes visiting these five beaches that are loved not only by Dominicans but are a reference to this country in the world.

1. Bahia de las Aguilas, Pedernales

Many have heard of it, but few have gone to see it. This paradise is located in Pedernales, in the southwest of the Dominican Republic, and is part of the Jaragua National Park. “It is one of my favorite beaches and I know that many have already been there too, for its crystal clear waters and white sand that borders it, in addition to the biodiversity that you can find around it. Bahía de las Águilas is one of those places where you disconnect from all the hustle and bustle of the city and never want to leave,” says Torres.

“If you plan to come, you can camp in Cabo Rojo beach, where there are ecological hotels that provide this service (Glamping) and where you can sleep in tents with all the comforts (beds, sheets, pillows, bathrooms, showers); they also have restaurants that will make your stay a very special and diverse experience,” says Carlos.

From there, boats leave for Playa Bahía de las Águilas, which is right in front; the trip takes about 15 minutes. While you go there, you can enjoy the beautiful scenery around you.

When you get to the beach, you will be impressed by that landscape that will make you feel in paradise, literally; it is a beach worth visiting for the unique beauty it possesses. “I have already visited it hundreds of times and it still makes me fall in love as the first time,” adds this influencer and tour guide.

You can get there in two ways: by boat (the fastest) or by land (it will take you longer), taking into account that the road that connects you to the beach is not in good condition and you must go in a 4×4 vehicle.

2. Cayo Arena, Monte Cristi

Located about 20 minutes by boat from the beach of Punta Rucia, north of the Dominican Republic, Cayo Arena is a minor but paradisiacal key, famous for its beautiful seabed snorkeling and swimming with fish, is visited daily by tourists from around the world. Once there, you can enjoy its shallow waters, snorkeling with a great variety of colorful fish. It is a perfect place to go and enjoy yourself with friends or the whole family. Once in the key, you can eat fruits and drinks to refresh yourself.
After your visit to the key is over, you can take an exciting tour through the mangroves, where you can learn a little more about this tree and its essential role in the marine ecosystem.

3. Ermitaño Beach, Samaná

The only way to access it is on foot, through a dense jungle-like path, or by boat from Playa El Valle (the easiest and fastest way), and it takes about 15 minutes. If you plan to visit this place, it is advisable to bring: bathing suit, mask and snorkel accessories, flip-flops, sunscreen, towel, underwater camera, and snacks. If you are lucky, you may encounter wild boars scampering along the shore and come out to swim in the crystal clear waters of this beautiful virgin beach.


4. Arroyo Salado Beach, Cabrera

Arroyo Salado, La Boca, or La Entrada are the names by which this beach in the municipality of Cabrera is known. It has more than 4 kilometers of white beach adorned by hundreds of coconut trees next to the mouth of the Arroyo Salado River (the beach and the river kiss in La Boca), which offer a unique set and a pleasant atmosphere for those who enjoy being in contact with the nature of the place. “This is a must stop on your next visit to Cabrera.”

Access to this beach is straightforward. The road is in perfect condition, and upon arrival, you will find several restaurants offering typical food and fish and seafood to taste right under the coconut trees.

The beach is clean and calm, seasonally the tide tends to rise, but almost all year round is kept in good condition. Just in front is the Arroyo Salado River, surrounded by beautiful mangroves where you can take a refreshing swim in freshwater.

When you leave the beach, you can take advantage and visit other places in the municipality of Cabrera that are less than 7 minutes away, such as Blue Lake, Laguna Dudú, and a little further on a beautiful waterfall called El Saltadero.

5. El Valle Beach, Samaná

Samaná is known for its many tourist attractions. Its beaches are its main attraction, so visiting the area of El Valle is a rewarding experience for those looking to disconnect and connect a little more with nature.

Playa El Valle is located 15 minutes from the center of Samaná, surrounded by beautiful natural landscapes and more than 4 kilometers of virgin beach that will make you feel literally in paradise. It has a small river, where you can also take a refreshing swim from the beach’s warm waters.

The access to it is effortless since the road leading to the beach was reconditioned and can be reached by any transport without inconvenience. Upon arrival, you will find several restaurants where you can stop eating and buying drinks at a reasonable price.

This beach is one of the favorite beaches for hawksbill turtles that travel hundreds of kilometers to nest and lay their eggs. “I invite you to visit it, you will love it.”

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