Local May 6, 2021 | 12:01 pm

Dominican prosecutor’s zingers in corruption trial

Santo Domingo.- Lead prosecutor Yeny Berenice Reynoso at the hearing Wed. in the “Coral” case:

“The defense asked us to read everything and we are happy.”

“I am prepared to sleep here and I do not need food magistrate.”

“Most of Pastor Rossy Guzmán’s responses were ‘I don’t remember, I can’t specify.’

“We are not judging 30 years of a career, we are judging facts.”

“They stole so much from us that they even want to take away the right to an investigation, and it’s not possible in a state of law.”

“This is one of the most complex investigations that the Justice Ministry has.”

“All the conditions are there to declare the Coral case complex.”

“It isn’t the Justice Ministry that has stained uniforms.”

“It’s not the Justice Ministry that dirties the churches, it is he who uses God to rob the people.”

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