Local May 12, 2021 | 8:14 am

Most rivers are ‘sewers’

Santo Domingo.- “Today we have almost 100 percent of our rivers practically turned into sewers.” The alarming statement was made by the executive director of the Presidential Cabinet of the Water Sector, Gilberto Reynoso, who asked to face this problem in a responsible manner.

“Those that were a source of crystalline water, such as the Yaque del Norte, the Yuna, the Ozama, the Nizao, the Higuamo, all that today are sewers,” he said.

Reynoso argued that the country barely regulates, collects and treats between 9% and 10% of the wastewater that leaves the homes. “And a liter of that residual or black or gray water, as they call it, has the potential, a liter, of contaminating eight liters.”

“The residual water that circulates through rivers and along the marine-coastal shoreline that infiltrates the subsoil is already a national health problem.”

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