Local May 16, 2021 | 10:01 am

Vistas Golf & Country Club receives new model Club Car Tempo Golf Lithium carts

During a meeting at the Vistas Golf & Country Club facilitiesCaribbean Turf executives made a presentation and formal delivery of the new Tempo Lithium 2021 golf cart model, which benefited from being environmentally friendly as it is maintenance-free.

It would be the second fleet in the Dominican Republic to have a golf course with Club Car Tempo Golf Lithium cars and Visage system (GPS system) represented in the country by Caribbean Turf.

As explained by Juan Tomas Díaz, president of Caribbean Turf, the new fleet of 60 Tempo Golf Lithium 2021 model cars have been designed and built under the highest quality standards in the market, providing all golfers with greater autonomy and comfort at the same time.

“The benefits of the technology of Lithium-Ion battery carts are that they are totally maintenance free, they provide a saving of 50% of the cost of the electric bill, their charging speed is twice as fast as that of Conventional batteries have a very low self-discharge rate and have a digital marker that indicates battery consumption and their availability percentage, in addition to having a full five-year warranty on them,” he explained.

It should be noted that connected technology (Visage) provides golf courses with greater flexibility to monitor and manage their vehicles from anywhere on the course, as well as the ease for the golfer to carry their scorecards digitally and at the same time It tells you the distance to the flag from the vehicle when you take each shot on the golf course.

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