Health May 17, 2021 | 4:47 pm

Upward positivity with 13 deaths in one day

In just 15 days, the number of deaths has risen to 95 due to complications from Covid-19.



Santo Domingo, DR

The month of May has increased the number of critical coronavirus cases and deaths, claiming the lives of 95 people and saturating Intensive Care Units and ventilators.

Yesterday, with 15 days left in May, the Ministry of Public Health reported 13 deaths and 916 new cases, placing the daily positivity at 18.32%, in a month in which it has ranged from 13.78% to 18.32%, except day 4 when it shot up to 24.60%.

The last update of hospitalizations indicated that there are 751 patients admitted for 31% of the occupied beds. Still, the great saturation is in intensive care Units with 289 delicate patients, for 56% of the occupied beds and with ventilators 192, which represents 48% of the devices that the health system has.

The Dominican Republic has an accumulated 277,188 cases, with 39,776 active cases and 3,582 deaths.

The most saturated
Hospital occupancy in Greater Santo Domingo in the Covid network of the National Health Service is the most saturated since centers such as the Marcelino Vélez Santana hospital have all the beds occupied both inwards and in Intensive Care Units, as well as in the Félix María Goico hospital.

At the Francisco Moscoso Puello hospital, 77% of the beds are occupied, and the ICU is full of patients.

At the Rodolfo de la Cruz Lora hospital, 46% of Covid beds are occupied, and 100% of ICU beds are occupied. Cecanot does not offer Covid services in standard beds, and only 28% of ICU beds are available.

On the other hand, Ciudad Sanitaria is less saturated with 100% of beds available and 28% in ICU. The same is true of Santo Socorro, which has 83% of its beds, but no Intensive Care Units.

National District
Cedimat has 100% of its ICU beds for covid occupied and six in rooms available for hospitalization.

Plaza de la Salud has 71% of the regular rooms with patients, 100% of the ICUs, and ten ventilators available.

Clínica Cruz Jiminián has no beds available inwards or ICUs for Covid patients.


Demand for beds

Private medical centers in Santo Domingo
In the case of the private medical centers in Santo Domingo, they have 81 beds available for Covid patients, 46 are in use, and 35 are available for an occupancy rate of 57%. In the ICU, they have 52 beds, 34 are occupied for an occupancy rate of 65%, and ten ventilators have nine available.

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