Local May 18, 2021 | 2:03 pm

Abinader recognizes there is resurgence of coronavirus outbreaks in Santo Domingo

Santo Domingo, DR

President Luis Abinader admitted yesterday that there is a resurgence of coronavirus in the country, especially in Greater Santo Domingo, so it is necessary to maintain precautionary measures.

“As you know there is a resurgence, and that is why we also ask you, we take advantage of the request to pay special attention to distance, in Greater Santo Domingo,” said the president when detailing that due to the increase in cases, the beds of the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) of the hospital will be used immediately for patients of Covid-19 “that will be the emergency, which we will begin today” (yesterday). While inaugurating the Maternal and Child Care, Outpatient, and Administration areas of the Luis Eduardo Aybar Health City, the President acknowledged that the outbreaks have been felt in the last few days and called on the population to take care of themselves and to get vaccinated.

“Although we have made good progress with Covid and with vaccination, we are in second place in Latin America in terms of vaccination, I ask the Dominican population to take care of themselves, to keep their distance, because there is still, and it has happened in other countries, there is a resurgence and we have felt this resurgence in Greater Santo Domingo in the last few days. Go and get vaccinated, this is the best way for us to overcome this nightmare,” said the head of state.

Reopening of classes
Even though the Public Health report indicates an increase in the occupation of Covid beds and 20 deaths in the last 48 hours, the President denied a collapse in the health system and assured that the opening of semi-presential classes at the national level would continue as established.

“We are going to continue the openings with the distancing, it is known that it is semipresential, besides, it is voluntary the one who wants to take his children takes him the one who does not want to does not take him, but it is going to continue both virtual and semipresential education, with the distancing,” he pointed out.

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