Local May 20, 2021 | 2:46 pm

“Whoever does it, pays it, no matter what party they belong to,” said Abinader

President Luis Abinader when interviewed by Huchi Lora and Alicia Ortega.

Santo Domingo, DR

In the arrest in Miami of the deputy of the Partido Revolucionario Moderno (PRM), Miguel Gutiérrez, there was “a total coordination between the DEA and the DNCD,” said President Luis Abinader, who warned that “whoever does it, pays for it, regardless of the party or social level.”

When asked if he was aware that the deputy would be arrested, the ruler said that “we knew that there was information and that there were investigations, but the truth is that one is not happy about it. But justice has to act and even more in cases as serious as drug trafficking.”

“Here, we have to send a message because here it does not matter who did it. No one is protected here; this government does not protect anyone. I said it a long time ago: “I have friends but not accomplices.”

He considered that whoever commits corruption in his government is suicidal because anyone guilty will be replaced and, if necessary, subjected to justice.

“I do not want to say that there are no corruption facts, what will not exist is impunity.”

On the statements made by Major Alejandro Giron that corruption in the military continues, Abinader expressed that he is unaware that this is so and the ministries are asking for audits.

He said that constitutional reform would have to be made to shield the independence of the Public Ministry, the Central Electoral Board, the Superior Electoral Tribunal, the Chamber of Accounts, and others to avoid a repetition of situations of the past.

Abinader expressed that the government is on the way to 12 reforms but has not been carried out at the desired speed.

On the issue of the three grounds for abortion, he said that he agrees but does not impose his criteria on the legislators, so it will be necessary to wait for the approval of the Penal Code to see if he will enact it or not.

When asked how he wishes to be remembered after he departs from power, Abinader expressed that “I want to be known as the reformer president, the president who started another era in the Dominican Republic. But, at the same time, the president who opened the doors to great development projects and who ensured quality health and education for Dominicans; who brought gender equity, who created the greatest amount of opportunities possible within the circumstances for our country.”

He indicated that he had made many responsible decisions to let the Public Ministry act “even against our colleagues,” which he estimated “will create enemies for me and I have many enemies.”

He affirmed that he knows that when he leaves the Presidency, “they will try to invent because they will only be able to invent anything.” Still, he said that with “the transparency that we are administering, it will be very difficult for them and I am not afraid because I have no secrets.”

“I am contributing part of my life to this country” … that I do it for the love and passion I have for the Dominican Republic,” said the ruler.

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