Local May 21, 2021 | 1:32 pm

Curfew suggested for 15 days, starting at 1:00 p.m.

A daily average of 596 cases is occurring.

Feliz Cuello says that this is the only way to stop the hospital collapse of Greater Santo Domingo due to Covid-19.

Santo Domingo, DR

Given the increase of positive cases and the overflowing of the demand for hospitalizations registered in Greater Santo Domingo due to Covid-19, the epidemiologist and health specialist Carlos Feliz Cuello proposes the adoption of urgent and rigorous measures of control, among them to establish the restriction of mobility or curfew from 1:00 in the afternoon for 15 consecutive days.

The specialist agrees with the statements made by Listín Diario in yesterday’s editorial entitled “Se nos fue de la mano” (It’s gotten out of hand), where he emphasizes that Covid-19 is out of control that rigorous measures are needed.

Feliz Cuello said that the Government must review the opening measures that it has been adopting in the function of the upward increase that the pandemic has been carrying for 21 consecutive days, ending with a positivity rate above 15%, which indicates that the virus is very active.

Live curfew
His proposal, according to his explanations, is a vital and alternative curfew, first for 15 days starting at 1:00 in the afternoon; in the following fortnight, the activity is left open so that the commercial sector has productivity while maintaining preventive measures, and after that period the curfew should be repeated.

These restrictions are proposed in all the provinces where the incidence is above five percent and increases vigilance and active search in those below that figure.

According to the epidemiologist, this should be added to strict control of the activities of banks, supermarkets, markets, and festive activities. He said that since the beginning of the pandemic, he is monitoring 23 provinces of the country, including Greater Santo Domingo. This period ended with an incidence rate of 103.13%, with 12,500 new cases.

He pointed out that only seven provinces are between one and five percent of positivity rate, and that the others are above 10%, while others such as San Cristóbal and San Juan are above 20%.

According to the specialist, this implies that there are outbreaks of the virus in different parts of the country and not only in Greater Santo Domingo.

He said that an active search for cases should accompany this restriction measure.

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