Health May 29, 2021 | 9:06 am

More children with Covid occupying the beds of Robert Reid

The number of patients with Covid grows in the capital.

The center and Moscoso Puello are full of patients.

Santo Domingo, DR

The management of the “Dr. Robert Reid Cabral” children’s hospital asked the National Health Service (SNS) to appoint more medical personnel to respond to the demand in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) due to the high number of patients with Covid-19.

While in the upper part of the capital, the hospital “Doctor Francisco Moscoso Puello” continued yesterday to be full of patients with Covid-19, which forced doctors and nurses to place them on chairs and stretchers because all the beds are occupied.

Dr. Clemente Terrero said that they are currently receiving patients from the National District, Santo Domingo province, and referrals from the Southern region that exceed the capacity of the staff, so there are patients admitted: “in very delicate conditions.”

“At this moment we are asking the National Health Service to reinforce us with the appointment of some doctors to improve the attention in this area,” said Terrero.

The infectologist informed that an “area for specialized attention and follow-up” has been set up at the Robert Reid Hospital because they do not have sufficient capacity to attend to the patients who need to be transferred to the ICU.

The increase
Terrero explained that the increase in the occupation of the child care center began a week ago and is related “to the situation that has been happening lately in the District and in the province of Santo Domingo,” he underlined, where the number of contagions and severe cases has increased.

He said that Barahona, San Juan, and San Cristóbal are presenting similar scenarios and that it is precisely in these provinces that children are being hospitalized with the symptoms of Covid-19.

Total congestion
Dozens of people affected by Covid-19 woke up yesterday at the Francisco Moscoso Puello hospital, two by two on benches, sitting on stretchers, or wherever they found space. As a result of the overcrowding, at least four ambulances were crowded in front of the area destined to treat the infected, as there was no space to leave the patients. The Covid waiting room, which on Thursday remained clear at least in the front, began to be saturated from late at night, according to the person in charge of the Covid-19 center, Dr. Indhira Jimenez.

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