Local June 1, 2021 | 4:24 pm

From today Presidente beer increases its price

The Dominican National Brewery informed that as of this Tuesday, Presidente beers in their regular and light versions of 12 ounces, 22 ounces, and liter and Black would increase their price.

The industry justifies the increase because inflation has grown close to 9% since the last increase to its products made in October 2019.

Going forward, beers will be sold at the following prices:

The seven-ounce case of Presidente regular and light will go from RD$807 to RD$1,008; the eight-ounce can be sold from RD$255 to RD$306 for a six-pack, while the 12-ounce bottle crate will go from RD$1,607 to RD$1,808.
The 12-ounce case of regular and light will be sold at RD$1,609, previously at RD$1,408.
The 22-ounce regular and light Presidente huacal will go from RD$1,594 to RD$1,726, while its case will be sold at RD$2,590.
The one-liter bottle of Presidente will be sold at RD$1,494 with an increase of RD$100, while a case will be sold at the same price.
The 11.2 oz. case of Presidente Black will be sold at RD$1,808; previously, it cost RD$1,607.

CND thanked customers and consumers for their loyalty and level of commitment in these pandemic times and their patience in the face of the lack of product availability due to the rise in demand and the shortage of bottles.

To support its customers in their business, the company informed that they would have a discount from June 1 to 12 that will allow them to purchase these products at the previous price.

Other products in the brewery’s portfolio will remain unchanged.

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