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Abinader inaugurates 120 megawatt solar energy park

The Girasol Solar Park was built by EGE Haina, with an investment of US$100 million. EXTERNAL /

The president indicated that the new renewable energy plant is the largest in the Antilles and was installed by EGE Haina with an investment of US$100 million.


San Cristobal, DR

Yesterday, Friday, President Luis Abinader inaugurated the largest renewable energy park in the Antilles and another act, the Duarte highway kilometer 58, both works in the province of San Cristóbal.

The president’s plan began in Yaguate with the inauguration of the Girasol Solar Park of the electric generation company EGE Haina, built for 100 million US dollars.

Abinader indicated that the new renewable plant is the largest in the Antilles and has a total installed capacity of 120 megawatts, and will increase the national photovoltaic capacity by 50 percent.

“In recent years, solar photovoltaic energy has become the third most important renewable energy source in the world, together with hydroelectric and wind energy sources,” said the president.

The president indicated that the country’s climate makes it favorable for renewable energy projects. “And the Dominican Republic (bathed by the Caribbean sun most of the year) meets all the conditions to host a clean energy production plant of these characteristics,” added the Head of State.

He indicated that the inauguration of this park demonstrates that the Government is committed to working for sustainability “and the development of our country based on a harmonious relationship with the environment and natural resources.”

Abinader thanked the private sector for its involvement in raising awareness of this new model of universal coexistence, as well as for serving as a source of employment for dozens of Dominicans “who see through the creation of these spaces the opportunity to find a decent job.

The President emphasized that the Government is promoting a robust public-private alliance.

“The success of the strong public-private alliance that we are promoting throughout the country finds one of its clearest expressions in the main mixed capital company that we have, with a model of shared effort and joint investment, such as EGE Haina,” he said.

He highlighted that EGE Haina is the leading public-private company in the country in terms of assets, investment, and direct contribution to the State, which operates more than 1,000 megawatts with a diversified matrix, capable of generating electricity with natural gas, wind, and sun, in addition to having 1000% Dominican capital.

Clean energy
Luis Mejía Brache, general manager of EGE Haina, assured that since Girasol started operating. After ten years of consecutive investments, for the first time in its history, renewables (wind and solar) represent the primary source of generation in its own installed capacity, with 34.5% of the total.

“We have a clear path and we are making good progress in our 2030 growth plan, which will contribute to the energy balance of the Dominican Republic, producing electricity in an efficient and environmentally responsible manner, reducing the country’s dependence on fossil fuels,” he said.

Characteristics of the park
The park is located on an area of 220 hectares and has 268,200 panels.

Mejía Brache pointed out that it has a total installed capacity of 120 megawatts. It is estimated that it will produce 240,000 MWh per year, which is enough to supply more than 100,000 homes.

Renewables pioneer.
Antonio Almonte, Minister of Energy and Mines, highlighted that EGE Haina had been a pioneer in renewable energy, first with the Los Cocos project with wind energy and the recently inaugurated Girasol Solar Park.

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