Local June 12, 2021 | 4:16 pm

Dominican film “15 horas” winner at Malaga Festival

The world premiere of this film also took place within the framework of the festival.


The Dominican film “15 Horas” has been selected as the Signis award for best film at the most recent edition of the renowned Malaga International Film Festival 2021. On Friday, June 11, the film festival’s world premiere took place at the film festival where it was awarded, and both its director Judith Colell and its producer Sterlyn Ramirez attended the event where they were pleasantly surprised by the award.

“15 Horas” is directed by Colell and stars Ramirez, Marc Clotet, Felix German, Lidia Ariza, Stephany Liriano, Katherine Montes, and Manuel Raposo. In this film, we learn the story of Aura, a soloist in the first violin section, and Manuel, the fashionable orchestra conductor, is the most envied couple in the country. Artists, famous and rich, their relationship hides an unspeakable secret. He mistreats her, something she has hidden for too long. One day, fed up with their incommunicado hell, Aura decides to take the plunge and ask for help, then what she had always suspected but never dared to confirm happens.

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