Local June 18, 2021 | 10:53 am

Don’t act the asshole, Lottery case defense lawyer tells main suspect

Santo Domingo.- The lawyer Plutarco Jáquez, defender of three of the defendants in the National Lottery scam dismantled through Operation 13, responded to Luis Dicent by telling him “not to be an asshole” by victimizing himself, and saying “that they have turned him into a criminal.”

Jáquez, who defenders Carlos Beriguete, Jonathan Brea and Rafael Mesa, blamed the defendants Luis Dicent and William Rosario, of having organized the May 1 scam, and of having pressured their clients by threatening to fire them.

“To Luis Dicent, stop being an asshole. Dicent and William, responsibly, were the ones who organized that. They grabbed the Lottery boys and went out to pressure them, manipulate them so that they would fire them, and now look where things are going.”

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