Local June 18, 2021 | 8:39 am

Jail expected in US$540M National Lottery fraud

L. Dicent

Santo Domingo.- National District Judge, Kenya Romero, reserved for today, at 2pm, to hand down the ruling against those involved in Operation 13, charged with a US$540 million fraud through a National Lottery draw on May 1.

Against the members of the alleged criminal organization, the Justice Ministry is expected to request pretrial detention for the group of 10 headed by former administrator of the National Lottery Luis Dicent, and that the case be declared complex.

The prosecuting body requests a year in prison for the former official Dicent, the former president of the National Federation of Lottery parlors (Fenabanca) Willian Lisandro Rosario Ortiz, Edison Perdomo and Eladio Batista Valerio.

It is also expected to request house arrest for the accused Jonathan Brea, Carlos Berigüete, Valentina Rosario and Felipe Toribio.

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