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Dominican Republic, the seventh country in America with the highest percentage of vaccinated population

Concerning the world, the Dominican Republic enters the list of the 30 countries with more than 20% of its population vaccinated.

Santo Domingo, DR

The Dominican Republic ranks as the seventh country in the American continent with the highest percentage of its population vaccinated against COVID-19.

Data provided by the portal “Our World in Data” indicate that the country, as of June 17, had 21.5 percent of the population inoculated with both doses of some vaccine against COVID-19.

Concerning the world, the Dominican Republic enters the list of the 30 countries with more than 20% of its population vaccinated.

Within the continent, Chile is the country with the most vaccinated people, with 48.3 percent of its population, followed by the United States with 44.4 percent; Uruguay, 38.2 percent; Antigua and Barbuda, 24.8 percent; Dominica, 24.8 percent; Barbados, 22.1 percent and the Dominican Republic with 21.5 percent.

The country outnumbers large nations such as Canada, which has 17.1 percent of its population inoculated with both doses; Mexico, 12.3 percent; Argentina, 8 percent and Colombia, 8.5 percent.

The data also collected by the Our World in Data platform does not record any details of the vaccination in Haiti, while in Venezuela, it only establishes 0.8 percent of its inoculated population.

Concerning the world, the data collection platform indicates that to date, 9.8 percent of the world’s population is fully vaccinated against the virus.

Vaccination day

The most recent data published by the Ministry of Public Health indicates that 6,675,351 doses of vaccines against COVID-19 have been applied until June 17.

Of these, 4,344,495 were first dose vaccines and 2,330,856 second dose, and therefore the same number of people are fully vaccinated.

This Friday, the Government continues with the National Vaccination Day in the national territory, but with a particular focus during this weekend in the southern and eastern part of the Dominican Republic.

On the same day, the Minister of Public Health, Daniel Rivera, visited a hospital in the Barahona province. He assured that to free that province from the coronavirus, 49,000 people should be vaccinated.

Despite this, the day in this province began with great timidity because the doses of the Chinese pharmaceutical company Sinovac arrived after 12:00 noon on Friday, according to correspondents of this medium in the South.

Likewise, they indicated that the rains that affected the national territory caused the citizens of that southern part of the country to be timid.

In another order, the epidemiological bulletin on the situation of COVID-19 in the country, released by the Ministry of Public Health, reported 1,784 cases in the last 24 hours, with 55,027 active cases and a total registered of 315,815.

In the case of deaths, the bulletin reported six deaths that occurred in the last 24 hours, for a total of 3,754.

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