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Government will say tomorrow how vaccination continues

The meeting of the Health Cabinet, President Luis Abinader and the specialized medical societies, held at the National Palace, concluded after 10:00 pm. GLAUCO MOQUETE/LISTÍN DIARIO

Santo Domingo, DR

President Luis Abinader informed last night that it would be tomorrow, at 3:00 pm, when the government will offer all the details on the course that the vaccination process against Covid-19 will follow.

The statements were made during a closed-door meeting held last night at the National Palace with several doctors, directors of medical societies, and the Dominican Medical Association.

According to the president, the objective of the meeting is to consult the specialists and, in a “unified manner,” continue controlling the Covid-19 pandemic.

“Wednesday at three o’clock in the afternoon we will be presenting the decision that we have taken in a unified manner today, to continue controlling as we have done and to continue at the forefront in the treatment of the Covid-19 pandemic,” declared Abinader.

The meeting headed by President Luis Abinader and the Health Cabinet, was attended by doctors José Joaquín Puello, José Yunén, infectologist Miguel Núñez, José Miguel Ledesma, Alexander Marte, Evangelina Soler, Glenis Pérez, president of the Dominican Society of Infectology, Waldo Ariel Suero, president of the Dominican Medical Association and José Brea, president of the Dominican Vaccine Society, among others.

The announcement by Vice-President Raquel Peña that the government had decided to apply the third dose of the vaccine against Covid caused a stir among doctors and the public opinion, considering that the right thing to do is complete the vaccination scheme followed by the government with the whole population.

The meeting was held in the Green Room of the National Palace.

When he announced that the third dose would be applied as a reinforcement to the two injected in the National Vaccination Plan, Peña raised a barrage of opinions in favor and against this decision.

The Listín Diario immediately editorialized asking the government that the important thing was to complete an essential part of the population with two doses and consider applying a booster.

The decision raised much discussion.

In debate
The criterion that has prevailed in the specialized medical societies is that there is no scientific evidence that a third dose is necessary and much less to apply it 30 days after the second one.

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