Local June 30, 2021 | 8:23 am

In a first, Dominican Republic jails ex Attorney General

Santo Domingo.- Under charges of corruption due to the distraction of public funds, former attorney general Jean Alain Rodríguez has been detained since yesterday, in an unprecedented development.

He leads a group of 18 implicated in different fraudulent schemes as head of the Attorney General’s Office, and whose investigation has been dubbed “Operation Medusa.”

As specified in the judicial search warrant 0046, issued on Monday by the interim coordinating judge of the National District Investigation Courts, Kenya Romero Severino, the former official would have illegally distracted the sum of RD$34.5 million through an alleged alteration of a contract for the Custody and Occupation of Real Estate Property on a house seized in 2008 in the drug trafficking case against Quirino Paulino.

The Special Prosecutor’s Office (Pepca), led by Wilson Camacho, also indicates this within the framework in which RD$18.4 million was paid for services of personnel training workshops that, according to the Public Ministry, do not have guarantee that they have been made on the dates indicated.

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