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Vaccines were neglected and today they are seriously ill

The authorities continue their call to the public not to lower their guard against this deadly and variant disease. JA. Maldonado

Santo Domingo, DR

Relatives of patients hospitalized for Covi-19 explained that their relatives have only received one or even none of the two vaccines to prevent contagion of the lethal virus, attributing this condition of their relatives to the carelessness of not getting vaccinated.

After a tour today through the hospital centers which treat Covid-19 cases, specifically the Ciudad Sanitaria Luis Eduardo Aybar and the Hospital Francisco Moscoso Puello, many families were waiting to receive information on the evolution of the health condition of their relatives affected by the coronavirus.

Guillermo Peréz Román, 66 years old, who has already received his first two doses of the Sinovac vaccine, was with his wife at the Moscoso Puello hospital, waiting for information about a distant relative partner, who was hospitalized at the hospital.

The affected woman, who was seriously admitted to the emergency room of Covid-19 three days ago, has improved her condition and will be transferred from the emergency room, “she had not been vaccinated,” informed Peréz.

“Getting vaccinated is not a joke, it is an obligation,” the man warned. “I even have a little sign in my house where I warn my friends that if they have not been vaccinated, they are not welcome in my house,” he said.

He said he is willing to get the third dose of the Covid-19 vaccine. “Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, my personal opinion is that it is not so necessary, but since the variants came, the new strain, and that kind of thing, I would get it, but my personal opinion is that it is convenient to advance much more in the first and second doses, and then, perhaps, start with a third one,” Peréz explained.

In addition, he stressed that people do not take care of their health and have been careless with vaccinations.

“We are not very cooperative even with our own health; here there are many people that if you are talking about a third dose, and they haven’t even had the first one, they are more distant from wanting to get vaccinated,” he said.

On her side, Ana Montes, 61 years old, from Los Frailes, in Santo Domingo East, who also had the two doses of the vaccine, was anxiously and happily waiting for her son, Michael, 35 years old, to leave the hospital ward of the Moscoso Puello hospital, after 14 days in the hospital.

The woman told this newspaper that her son “did not get the vaccinations,” and entered the hospital seriously for Covid-19.

“The doctor told me that I have to do the tests and in about 10 days take him to get the vaccine,” said Montes.

Meanwhile, not very encouraging, a young woman who only identified herself as Alexandra, from kilometer 20 of Sabana de la Mar, was waiting quite worried in the emergency room for Covid-19, of Ciudad Sanitaria Luis Eduardo Aybar, for information about her mother, 55 years old, who was admitted yesterday in serious condition due to the disease.

Alexandra said that her mother “had not been vaccinated,” but she and part of her family had been vaccinated, with only her mother and a brother missing.

“She is stable; she has high blood sugar and a question that came out in the chest CT scan, she is hoarse… she was admitted yesterday, we brought her in and sent her home and she got sick with a fever in her chest, and they left her here,” she added.

Likewise, Diomarys Ovando Peña, from Cristo Rey, was also sad and worried about her mother, Altagracia Brito, 62 years old, who had recently had her first dose of the vaccine.

“She had a dose of the vaccine, she entered the hospital in serious condition. Yesterday she was intubated on emergency, we are waiting for news from the doctor who tells us that she is very ill and we are waiting for the news (at 1:00 PM). She was due to be vaccinated in about 15 days,” said Peña.

Increased infections
The latest epidemiological bulletin on COVID-19 issued by the Public Prosecutor’s Office yesterday continued a trend of increases in positive cases of the virus in the country since the beginning of this week.

According to the data contained in report 470, 1,368 people were infected with the coronavirus, the fourth consecutive day that this figure has increased.

Beginning with bulletin 467 published on Tuesday of this week, but corresponding to the previous day, those infected totaled 714; the following report that number grew to 857; in 469 it reached 972, for a total of 3,911 infections reported during the referred period.

Similarly, Public Health also reported 45 deaths in that period, with more than half of the deaths reported in bulletin 469 (with 18 deaths) and bulletin 467 (with 14).

More data
The Dominican Republic has registered 327,561 positive COVID-19 cases in its system, of which 55,730 still have the virus, 267,985 have passed, and almost 1.4 million suspected patients have been ruled out.

Of these processed tests, Public Health indicated that 4,519 Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) and 5,377 antigen tests were performed.


Hundreds of people went yesterday to the vaccination centers of Santiago to apply the second dose against Covid-19.

Many citizens who had applied the first dose months ago were reluctant to the second dose, but they apparently became aware and started to get vaccinated yesterday.

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