Local July 6, 2021 | 12:06 pm

New curfew ‘too elastic,’ Dominican doctors warn

Santo Domingo.- The Dominican Medical College (CMD) on Tuesday labeled the new curfew, which takes effect tomorrow, as “too elastic,” that is, flexible and considers it the result of pressure from some sectors.

“We consider it very elastic, but it seems that the Government agreed to that type of pressure, that is part of the pressure from businessmen and a group of people who do not want more curfew, who are tired, but we are all tired of the curfew, but there is no other way.”

CMD president, Waldo Ariel Suero noted that every time the government lowers its guard, a reappearance arises in the country, as happened in December, at Easter and in the electoral process.

“That the curfew has not solved the problem in an absolute way, no, the curfew is not going to solve the pandemic in an absolute way, what it has done is to put a barrier so that the pandemic was not worse,” he said.

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