Health July 15, 2021 | 2:12 pm

Dominican Republic reaches 9 million doses applied against covid-19

The vaccination process against the coronavirus continues intensely because yesterday, the director of the Health Cabinet, Raquel Peña, reported through the social network Twitter that the Dominican Republic already has 9 million doses applied. “We have reached 9 million doses applied. The vaccinated are more! There are plenty of reasons to celebrate and motivate us to continue our path to herd immunity, we are closer!” The country’s vice president also wrote.

In the internet portal of the VacúnateRD program, it’s broken down that up to Tuesday 13 of this month; the country had applied 5,271,104 first doses of the vaccine against the virus, 3,604,070 second doses, and 123,334 third doses.

While in the different vaccination points, the doctors report that the third dose continues in the first place among the dose of the biological that is most sought after by Dominicans every day.
“We have started the process with good attendance, although people are coming more for the third dose,” said Dr. Rafael Montero, in charge of vaccination at club Los Prados.

Also, at the inoculation center in Multicentro La Sirena, Dr. Marilyn Fabián said that people attended after the booster dose against the virus, although the process was slow. He also argued that first-dose people ask for Pfizer’s vaccine, so they don’t have to get the extra dose.

In that order, in the center located in the downtown square, the elderly were the ones who were demanding the third dose the most, and the young people to a lesser extent, according to Dr. Lisbert Pérez.
A similar situation occurred at the Olympic Center, where Dr. Ceitto Almonte said that the population seeking the booster dose has increased.

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