Health July 18, 2021 | 10:34 am

Health centers gain upper hand in COVID-19 areas

Hospital Moscoso Puello has fewer people being treated for COVID-19. / Photo: Víctor Ramírez

Both the Cruz Jiminián clinic and the Moscoso Puello Hospital reported a decrease in their patients.

Santo Domingo, DR

The Moscoso Puello Hospital and the Cruz Jiminián Clinic reflected on Saturday a slight relief in the areas of Covid-19 and the beds of Intensive Care Units (ICU).

“They have dropped significantly, we have beds available and down here it is venting, the admission rate has fallen these days,” said Dr. Mora of the Cruz Jiminián Clinic.

In the Moscoso Puello Hospital case, although the ICU unit remains at its maximum capacity, the triage area, the first attention of Covid cases, is maintained with a small vent, as indicated by one health personnel.

The differing views of health officials regarding de-escalation and curfew have shown stable predictions for the population if vaccinated and follow established guidelines.

They added that the decrease in cases and the massive vaccination of the population is a great advance for de-escalation and return to normalcy.

However, they have pointed out possible doubts of a resurgence if the necessary care is not taken by opening up the entire country in a meaningful way.

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