Local July 19, 2021 | 2:45 pm

The country has great potential to produce pitajaya (dragon fruit) export

Mariana Tavárez says you should bet on this crop

The Dominican Republic has great potential for producing pitahaya (dragon fruit) for export to markets that its leading producers have not yet satisfied.

Mariana Tavárez, the deputy administrator of the Dominican Agricultural Supply Markets (Mercadom), believes that “we must bet on this crop and support producers who are in the business, as well as encourage others who have not yet decided to enter into production, as it is a crop that produces up to 6 crop cycles per year.”

She recalled that several species of pitahayas are produced in the country, such as Hylocereus monacanthus, with red pulp and red skin; Hylocereus undatus, with white pulp and red skin; Hylocereus costarisensis, with red pulp and red skin; and Hylocereus ocamponis, with red pulp and red skin.

Tavárez said that she has witnessed how local pitahaya production has been rising with a new target of consumers looking for this exotic fruit for the last few years.

She said that this fruit had become a profitable and sustainable product for those in the business with the potential to reach international markets.

She indicated that knowing beforehand that in some countries, the great demand for pitahaya has surpassed the supply, the experts assure that the cultivation of this fruit has an enormous potential in the international markets.

Tavárez said that the Dominican company LUV by Fresh Directions won first place in the Southern Exposure, organized by the Southeast Produce Council.

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