Local July 27, 2021 | 8:00 am

US blasts Dominican Gov. corruption

Corrupt Mediinas, former prsident Danilo, Alexis, Milciades

Santo Domingo.- The investment climate in the coming years will depend to a large extent on whether the new Government decides to implement the necessary reforms to promote competitiveness and transparency, stop the expansion of public debt and bring corrupt public officials to Justice,” says the Report on the investment climate in 2020 in the Dominican Republic published this Monday by the US State Department  .

The report highlights that, despite a stable macroeconomic situation, Dominican Republic’s international competitiveness and transparency indicators weakened last year.

“Foreign investors report numerous systemic problems in the Dominican Republic and cite the lack of clear and standardized rules by which to compete and the lack of enforcement of existing rules.”

The complaints include allegations of widespread corruption; requests for bribes; delays in government payments; poor enforcement of intellectual property rights; bureaucratic obstacles; slow and sometimes biased judicial and administrative processes at the local level, and non-standardized procedures in Customs valuation and classification of imports.

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