Local August 3, 2021 | 7:48 am

Dominican Republic faces ‘retrograde’ Penal Code

H. Lora

Santo Domingo. – The Special commission of the Senate that studies the Penal Code approved yesterday to render a favorable report of the bill to be sanctioned in the session of this Tuesday as it was sent from the Chamber of Deputies.

During a virtual meeting, due to the fact that Senator Santiago Zorrilla is affected by COVID-19, the report was approved with five votes in favor and two against, out of a total of 9 legislators; while two were absent.

After the impasse, the Penal Code could be approved by the Upper House in this Tuesday’s session, according to Rogelio Genao, and announced that he could be accepted with 19 votes in favor.


Prominent journalist Huchi Lora labelled the proposed Penal Code as “retrograde,” because in his view it contains penalties “applied during the 12 years of Joaquin Balaguer.”

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