Health August 4, 2021 | 2:24 pm

Demand for beds for virus-infected plummets

The curfew has been questioned by broad sectors of society. FILE/ LD

Santo Domingo, DR

 Availability of beds for the admission of patients with the Covid-19 virus ranging from 17% to 95% maintained yesterday the most emblematic hospitals of Greater Santo Domingo, belonging to the public Covid network, the same ones that months ago showed occupancy close to 100%.

The most demanded hospitals, such as Francisco Moscoso Puello, yesterday exhibited 57% of their regular Covid beds and 70% of intensive care beds (ICU). On the other hand, Marcelino Vélez Santana showed 84% and 33% availability, respectively, according to the monitoring report offered yesterday by the National Health Service (SNS).

The highest occupancy is recorded by the Félix María Goico hospital, whose availability of regular beds was only 17%, but in the ICU, it had 86% of its beds.

Rodolfo de la Cruz Lora had 87% and 75% of its regular and intensive beds, respectively, while Santo Socorro had 100% of its beds available.

The Health City had 95% of its intensive care beds, and Cecanot with 92%

The epidemiological bulletin #502 issued yesterday by the Ministry of Public Health reports the Hospital Network has 2,632 Covid beds, of which 555 are occupied, for 21% occupancy,

Intensive Care
In the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) were occupied yesterday 180 beds, out of a total of 619 enabled for patients with the disease, representing 29% occupancy, while of a total of 522 ventilators available, 111 people were using those services for a 21% occupancy.

Yesterday the system reported that 14,402 people were still with the active virus, out of a total of 342,850 registered, with 324,480 patients recovered and 1,503,493 suspected cases have been ruled out.

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