Local August 7, 2021 | 9:05 am

Sahara dust limits rainfall

The permanence of the Sahara dust and the low moisture content over the national territory will limit the rains today in the morning. Still, showers could be recorded on the southern coastal regions and the mountain systems in the afternoon.

The National Bureau of Meteorology (ONAMET) observes the evolution of two low-pressure areas associated with a tropical wave that could degenerate the tropical cyclone.

The first was hundreds of kilometers west/southwest of the Cape Verde Islands, with a 30% potential to become a tropical cyclone in the coming days; it also observes a tropical depression that could form over the eastern Atlantic.

It predicts that temperatures will remain hot in much of the country, ranging the maximum between 32ºC and 34ºC (90°F-93°F) and the minimum between 22ºC and 24ºC (72°F-75°F).

In the province of Santo Domingo, there will be a mixture of clouds and sun, and the rains will be scarce. In the National District, there will be scattered clouds and little rain.

Tomorrow there will be scattered downpours, thunder, and gusts in the Northeast, Southeast, and Central Mountain Ranges regions.

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